Monday, August 24, 2009

Aug 24th - You are my Sweetest Laughter

I don't know that there is anything that sounds sweeter to the ear than the sound of your child laughing on a warm summer day! That is the sound that I heard all day as I was working away in my home office, and my daughter was outside with two of my neighbor's young boys. The kids were just having a blast!

They went from throwing balls into this forever puddle in front of the house, to sitting in a small inflatable pool and chasing each other with buckets of water, to jumping on the trampoline. And the laughter all day was such a wonderful that you just never tire of. It definately takes you back to those fabulous days of youth when life was pretty much carefree and the only agenda - laughing and having fun and being silly!

I consider myself a very organized, serious person. Don't get me wrong, I love having fun like the next, but I am not one to just burst into laughter like I did as a child. I remember times with my sister when something - who knows what - just made us double over with laughter. When just looking at each other made us giggle uncontrollably. Laughter - you need so much of it in your life. It is the thing that attracted me so much to my husband. He has that wonderful deep laugh that is just contagious!

So, again, as summer winds down, I am going to remember to smile more, laugh lots and take things just a little less seriously. My daughter's laughter - quite simply, the sweetest sound in the world to me. It makes my heart sing and it is the one sound that I will never tire of.


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