Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nov 4th - Sure signs that snow is coming....

In Upstate NY, you know that snow is right around the corner when the plow stakes go up. You know the ones.....they line most driveways and now the town even puts them around bends in the road to help the plow guys find the turns and helps them not tear up front lawns.

My snow plow guy is putting ours up this weekend, so until April, my driveway - like many others here - will be lined with small stakes typically spray painted at the top with neon orange.
Hard to imagine too while I look at them against the green of the grass, that in a few short months, it will be hard to even find many of these in the snow mounds.

My daughter, however, is thrilled to see these stakes go up. They are a sure sign that the white stuff will be falling from the skies soon. And for her, that means hours upon hours outside having a blast.

I'm trying to embrace winter this year and I'm thinking up fun things to do outside during the winter months. I'll post it here to remind me in February why I like the snow sometimes.

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