Monday, January 12, 2009

Jan 12th - Night time rituals

I just put my daughter to bed and there is nothing like those quiet "snuggle moments" before your child goes to sleep. My daughter and I have this nightime ritual that has been going on since she was very small.

One day we had been playing outside in the snow and we had made snow angels and snowmen. The next day it got warm and our snowmen started to melt. She was sad that evening and asked if mommy's melt or go away like snowmen and I said of course we don't. We are not made of snow, and we stay around for a long time. Erin thought about that for a bit and then before she turned over to snuggle down she gave me this huge hug and kiss and said "I love you forever, and I hope you don't melt. See you in the morning." And thus was born our evening ritual. No matter if I am travelling or home, we end each of our nights the same.....big hugs, kisses when I am home, or kisses to the phone when I am travelling and then "I love you forever, and I hope you don't melt....I love you forever and I'll see you in the morning!"

We have been saying this now for years and I never tire of hearing those words. I love time spent with my daughter, but those special snuggle times are definately some of the best. Treasured times and special words that hold so much meaning for us.

So have a great evening, and I hope you don't melt and I'll see you in the AM.

Good nite.

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