Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sep 16th - Hurry up and Wait

Every time I drive up Route 31 near my home I am amazed at how crazy people drive lately. They would sooner cut you off then let you in, sooner pull out in front of you then let you pass, and the they race ahead of you only to slam on the brakes at the next red light where they have to sit (impatiently I am sure) for the light to turn green. Then they weave and bob through yet another string of cars only to get to the next light 10 seconds quicker than the rest of us that they passed and then sit again at a light. I guess that is just our society these days. We race from activity to activity with nearly a chance to stop and enjoy anything along the way.

Now granted, I am a fast driver, and I am definately one of those people that would be considered an over achiever and an over committed soul. Lately, though, this hurry up and wait seems to really stick out like a sore thumb to me. I recognize it more and more when I am out and about. There is a country song that I love and it talks about things that the singer loves about Sunday - waking up late, going to church as a family, and then coming home to a long leisurely meal and sitting outside on a porch swing or even catching a cat nap. I haven't had one of those Sundays in a long time! Have you? I'm not even sure that my daughter has experienced more than a few of those Sundays in her lifetime.

I even remember as a child when many stores were not even open on Sunday. I bet your children can't possibly imagine not being able to go to the store on a Sunday and get what you want right then. I went to our new Hobby Lobby a few months back on a Sunday and was shocked to find them closed. Initially, I was irritated that I couldn't get what I wanted when I wanted it and then I read their sign in the window which stated "closed on Sundays so our associates can attend religious ceremonies and spend time with their families." Amazing and commendable in a age of get rich and materialism! I now find myself planning my visits to Hobby Lobby around Sunday and planning ahead on what I need, or better yet, asking myself if I really truly need that item.

Next week is "National Turn off your TV" week, so I figure it is the perfect time to also try and slow down a bit. I want to remember why I love Sundays too!

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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  1. Sundays at my house growing up always meant a huge lunch after church, and then a nap...for everyone. I think I need to reinstitute my childhood Sundays too!