Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sep 17th - It's a Snuggle Day!

It was cold this morning! I mean a real autumn day, the air was crisp and even a little dark and dreary with a mist hanging in the air. Erin's alarm clock went off and on this rare morning, I was still in bed. No, I hadn't gotten up on time, and yes, I was still watching the AM news wishing for more time to sleep and contemplating that run to the bathroom for a hot shower! Obviously, I had decided that the dash to the shower would be a cold one and had hunkered down into the blankets for what I called "just a few more minutes."

In paddles my daughter in her footie pajamas! (As we still leave our windows open to take in some of the last shreads of the season, it gets a bit cold in the house and warm pj's are great. Erin decided that last evening was the nigt to pull those out for the first time this season.)

She climbs up on the bed and pulls the covers up and says, "its a snuggle day mom!" How true I thought. It is the kind of day when you just want to curl up and snuggle. Unfortunately, the morning routine on a school day doesn't include much snuggle time, or I'd be driving clear across town to get her to school after missing the bus. So, up we got and into the shower and on our way. As I sit and write this though - I'm hoping that "snuggle time" finds a way into our weekend.

I have a lot of plans for this weekend - a Lazy Sunday and snuggle time. Sounds like the weekend better hurry up and get here! Organization and schedules can pick back up on Monday of next week.


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