Monday, March 15, 2010

Mon, March 15th

Precious and few are the moments we all can share! How true the words to that song.

This week is a two year milestone as we remember my mother in law's passing and how she touched each of our lives. We are also praying that our niece has positive results with her tests at Mt. Sinai Hospital in a quest to help stabilize her seizures as a result of a brain tumor that has stolen so much of her youth and her laughter.

Tonight I went scrapbooking with some friends, a passion / hobby turned addictive behaviour at some times. I love capturing all of the memories and all of the details of my family's life. I've found my daughter sometimes sitting quietly in her room or in the living room looking at the scrapbooks that I have made for her - vacations, baby pictures, milestones. Many times we have the chance to sit together and look through them and I'm able to tell her so much about her life and our family. She laughs too when she comes across some of the stories that she has written in school carefully mounted amongst those pages. She too has stories to tell and memories to recount in her own way, and oh how special they are too.

Truly, precious and few are the moments we all can share! Enjoy every one!

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