Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thu March 18th

So, tonight is the big Science Fair at school!

The project this year, MOLD, although we never really got mold as a result. Who would guess that grocery store bread has enough preservatives in it to last for more than 12 days sealed in a plastic bag and not get moldy. Ok, it showed "signs" of mold, but no actual mold appeared. What to do when you have a science fair that depends on mold? Don't laugh, we must be science fair failures. We did plants 2 years ago and the plants never grew (of course, growing plants indoors in Upstate NY in Jan/Feb was probably not the smartest idea on our parts).

I'm proud though that my daughter was able to quickly recover and think clearly enough to document the results, or lack thereof, in a scientific way. She recorded and charted "the amount of change" and suggested that given more time, she would see mold on the Rye bread as it had the most amount of change.

We'll see how it goes this evening, but more to come.

Oh, and if you are a McNamara parent, check out the new blogspot where we'll be posting all the latest PTA news. We are hoping to go green next year and send home less paper. Tell you friends about this new spot for updates and information. Feedback appreciated as always!

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