Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Road Warrior

I started the new job  this week and it is supposed to be a ton of travel.  As I sat at the airport on Monday AM with the rest of the road warriors, I wondered about each person's story and what they were thinking as they board their plane every day.

I thought it might make for some good blog posts moving forward - frantic mom's travel blog!   Hummm. 

So, as I mull it over in my head this week, I find myself laughing to myself and sometimes even out loud (despite the stares people are giving me and the wide arcs they are taking to walk around me), thinking about all of the quirky things that I see each and every time I travel.  We'll see, I may decide to make a few more entries on this subject and see where it goes.

For now, I'm in Dallas for one more day and I even made it down to the gym this week - 3 times.  If nothing else, this travel may help me with my commitment to fitness and weight loss.  Oh, but who can resist those overpriced boxes of snacks that they call food on the planes.  ME, that's who.  My last flight - Philadelphia to Dallas - US Airways.  $7 for a snack pack.  They should call it a heart attack in a box.  Smoked Salami slices, large chocolate chip cookie, bag of chips, fruit roll - like a fruit roll up, small block of cheese, and a few wheat crackers.  Other choices - a container of Pringles, a container of Oreos, and I think that maybe a dried out sandwich. thanks.  I've learned that I can get a better cheaper meal and bring it on the plane with me.  This time, a slice of pizza, and I had brought a bag of dried apricots and some raw almonds with me.  Still beats the Heart Attack snack box for the kings ransome.  Besides, I have to save money as I have to pay for that "choice seat", but that is an entry for yet another time. 

Let's see what my trip home holds tomorrow.  I'll keep you posted.

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